Responsible Angling Education Program

We use the sport of fishing as a mechanism to teach socio-economically disadvantaged children about their local marine and/or freshwater ecosystems. The programs range from 8-30 weeks long throughout the year as an after-school/summer camp program for children aged 5-18 years old. The kids are taught about marine conservation, the perils of overfishing, invasive species, and ocean pollution through an educational curriculum we have developed. In addition, the children are taught the basics of the sport of fishing including: how to rig and cast rods, knot tying, how to throw a cast net, and how to clean and fillet fish properly. Each program emphasizes local fishing rules and regulations, fishing safety tips, and special tips on how to fish more sustainably.

If you are interested in starting the program in your area please contact us to discuss further.

Fishing Tournament Donation Program

We strategically partner with fishing tournaments, allowing participants to repurpose a portion of their unwanted catch and donate to a local soup kitchen. Our youth and adult volunteers gut, clean, and fillet the fish which is then delivered to the soup kitchen where it is cooked and served. Those in need can seldom afford this incredibly valuable protein source, and often they need it most to supplement their nutrient-deficient diets.

If you know of a fishing tournament that we should attend in your area please contact us to discuss further.

Hurricane Relief Efforts

After Hurricane Matthew struck the Bahamas in 2016, we decided to assist our community partners in the Bahamas and the many communities impacted. This effort began with Hurricane Matthew during 2016 in Freeport and Nassau, then onto Hurricane Irma during 2017 in St. John, Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys. In 2019, Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 hurricane, struck Abaco & Freeport, Bahamas. Both of these islands were locations that we have offered our Responsible Angling Education Programs, thus we once again began to send support. We will continue to use our network to encourage others to support relief efforts following these devastating storms especially towards specific marine related initiatives. 



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